Increase Safety with Top-Rated Commercial Security Systems

At Intron, we offer a wide range of commercial security solutions and services that directly enhance employee safety, reduce crime, and increase the efficiency of your operation.


Interrupt Crimes with Proactive Video Monitoring

Stop criminals from continuing their actions in 98% of cases with 24/7 video surveillance, AI technology, and personalized audio-visual warnings.


Feel Invincible with Our Commercial Security Company

We take a highly customized approach to outfitting facilities with tailored security solutions so you can rest easy knowing your risks are mitigated.


Providing unmatched commercial security solutions nationwide


At Intron Systems, we can outfit your facility with state-of-the-art commercial security systems. Whether you operate in multiple retail locations, multifamily complex, class A commercial, or a general contractor with jobsites across the country, we can ensure that your facilities are fully equipped with the most reliable and cutting-edge security solutions. These are just a few of the facilities that we support, but our security professionals can provide detailed estimates and recommendations for nearly every commercial setting.


It’s estimated that there are 2.5 million burglaries in the U.S. each year, and over one-third of those crimes affect businesses. At Intron, we will help DETER your company’s risk of break-ins, thefts, and other crimes with a multitude of commercial security systems. After assessing your property’s security gaps and understanding your concerns, we’ll develop a tailored and detailed plan to enhance your security features. If you’re looking for trustworthy and reliable commercial security services, we'll provide every solution that you could ever need at Intron Systems.

Start Implementing Solutions with Us
We’ll help your business adapt to our evolving world.

Our family-owned and woman-owned commercial security company was founded in Colorado in 2007 by Rachel and Brandon Sardella. Intron was established to streamline security integration processes for businesses of all sizes, and we pride ourselves on our ability to ensure each project is well-optimized for each client. Our security professionals are guided by principles of operational efficiency, comprehensive project design, and exceptional workmanship to deliver the highest standard of service.

We promise to find every opportunity to delight our customers with custom recommendations and industry-leading services. Our technicians will think about the whole picture (including your future growth plans) when tailoring your security solutions and we won’t leave the job site until you are fully satisfied with our work. Throughout the entire industry, you won’t find another commercial security company that matches our level of quality and dedication.

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