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When break-ins or mishaps occur in commercial settings, businesses can lose thousands of dollars on lost equipment and wasted time. We’re here to ensure that doesn’t happen to your company. Intron Systems is a full-service security systems integrator: we design, install, and maintain the technology to keep your people and property safe. We have developed a strong reputation for being industry leaders in the latest security technology and take pride in tailoring those solutions to you.

At Intron, you’ll work with the same team members from the initial project design to installation and ongoing maintenance. We are constantly working with businesses that only have one location or multiple facilities across the country. If you are interested in upgrading the security features of your commercial space, our talented team will rise to the occasion for your company.

Introducing Intron Systems: Our Story

Founded in 2007 by owners Rachel and Brandon Sardella, Intron Systems is a family-owned and woman-owned security systems installation company based in Colorado. Intron was formed after years of observing massive inefficiencies in the commercial security space and sought to fill that gap as a superior commercial security company in Colorado. Since then, Intron has expanded to provide service nationwide, bringing our principles of operational efficiency, comprehensive project design, and exceptional workmanship to businesses across the U.S.

Intron Systems was established to simplify and streamline the security integration process for a smoother customer experience and to ensure the final completed project is well-optimized for each client. We operate as a one-stop shop for all your commercial security systems and will deliver high-caliber craftsmanship on schedule and on budget.

The Difference You’ll See at Intron

For us, the bare minimum is never enough. We pride ourselves on being a comprehensive security systems integrator in Colorado, and we will find every opportunity to delight our clients with custom recommendations and industry-leading service. For each client, we will:

  • Think about the whole picture for every project. The solutions we provide will be tailored for today and tomorrow, accounting for your future growth plans. As a full-service commercial security company, we’ll outfit your facility with a suite of solutions including:
    • Remote video monitoring systems
    • Access control technology
    • CCTV/Camera systems
    • Intrusion/burglar alarms
    • Fire alarms
    • Air quality and water sensors
    • Low voltage cabling
    • Visitor management/intercom solutions
  • Tailor solutions to the exact needs of the client. We will listen to all your requests and concerns and develop a custom plan for your security system integrations.
  • Provide prompt and reliable maintenance services. You can contact our team 24/7, and we will respond to your requests within 4 hours. And in most cases, the technician providing maintenance will be the same individual who originally installed your system.
  • Ensure that you are fully satisfied with the finished project. We’re transparent at every step of the process and will fully train your team on all equipment and processes.

With decades of experience and hundreds of certifications, our team at Intron is standing by to help Innovate, Inform, and Inspire.

Contact Intron Systems today to learn more about our capabilities as your security systems integrator in Colorado and across the nation.

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