Who We Help as Commercial Security Integrators

Commercial & Industrial Facilities

Whether you operate a bustling office space or a sprawling warehousing facility, Intron Systems will keep your property safe and secure with the best business security systems. We offer a suite of reliable security services and solutions that will be tailored to your exact needs to enhance employee safety, reduce the risk of thefts, and optimize workforce efficiency. From AI-powered video surveillance solutions to wireless digital intercoms, our commercial security integrators will install the most innovative security systems while accounting for your future growth plans.

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Education & Government Properties

Throughout many educational and government buildings in the U.S., security systems are falling short of expectations. At Intron Systems, our experienced security professionals can correct those shortcomings and fill the gaps with an array of advanced security integrations. Our solutions are applicable to every type of government agency, department, or division and can be customized to any school setting, from K-12 to universities.

Explore the types of security solutions and services that Intron can provide for your school district or government structures.


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Multi-Family Residential Complex

Across all apartment complexes, security is always a top concern for renters. Intron Systems is your one-stop shop for all security services in multi-family residential settings. As a full-service commercial security integrator, we can outfit your complex with brand-new security systems that increase safety, reduce vacancy rates, and minimize overall costs.

Give your tenants peace of mind about their apartments and safety! Learn more about our approach to security system integrations and how our security pros can benefit your facilities.


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Construction Sites

All it takes is one burglary to completely stall and upend a construction project. Stolen equipment and materials can add enormous costs to your project and cause significant delays in your timeline. Fortunately, Intron Systems can help reduce the likelihood of such a disaster. With advanced security solutions like proactive video monitoring and more, you can rest easy knowing that your construction site is secure day and night.

Learn how our commercial security integrators will go the extra mile to keep your construction jobsites secure, no matter what.


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Cannabis Dispensaries & Grow Operations

Thanks to our company’s humble beginnings in Colorado, the Intron team has an extensive knowledge base on the security regulations enforced across the American cannabis industry. We will ensure that all the necessary security systems are in place and optimized at your cannabis dispensaries and growing facilities so that you’re in full compliance with your state’s regulations and protected from thefts and burglaries. From access control solutions to proactive video monitoring systems, our commercial security integrators will implement cutting-edge technology to keep you ahead of the curve.

Get the run-down of current regulatory standards in the cannabis industry and how Intron Systems will effectively support your business operations with tailored security solutions.


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