Ensure Compliance with Intron’s Dispensary Security Systems

Although cannabis products are becoming widely accepted in the U.S., the industry can still feel like a minefield of legal risks and regulatory headaches. But thanks to our company’s humble beginnings in Colorado, where cannabis pioneers have developed this new sector, Intron Systems has become incredibly familiar with every regulation and rule surrounding the cannabis industry. That means we can shift all the stress and anxiety associated with dispensary regulations off your shoulders and ensure your dispensary security systems are in full compliance with state and local regulations. And we’ll make sure those systems meet your specific business needs too.

Ever since Amendment 64 passed in Colorado in 2012, Intron has been fastidiously keeping up with the regulations surrounding the security features as set by the state’s Marijuana Enforcement Division. They’ve detailed a swath of strict rules and public safety measures regarding access control, video surveillance, and on-site or off-site security at cannabis dispensaries and growing operations. As other states have joined the cannabis bandwagon, their own enforcement divisions have issued separate but similar regulations.

At Intron Systems, our staff has extensive knowledge of all the overlaps and differences between state regulations for dispensary security systems and growing operations. From medical to recreational, we’ve helped hundreds of cannabis dispensaries and cultivation facilities improve security and stay in compliance with state regulations. And we can help you too.



Integrated Security for Peace of Mind

At Intron Systems, we are your one-stop-shop for all the essential security systems at your cannabis operations. Across the industry, the current regulatory standards generally follow these 3 rules:

  • Approximately 98% of your facility’s square footage needs to be covered by surveillance cameras.
  • All exterior doors need to be secured by access control systems.
  • All doors and windows must be monitored by an intrusion detection system.

Our team can handle all the security solutions that you need. Your integrations will be tailored to the unique specifications of your location and your business needs.

Your Trusted Partner: From Installation to Maintenance

As a full-service commercial security systems integrator, we can handle every little detail of the design, installation, and maintenance of your custom security solutions. You can reach a member of our team 24/7 and we’ll provide a 4-hour response time for any requests. With Intron at your side, you can rest assured that your facilities are in full compliance with regulations and your business will be set up for long-term success.


Our Innovative Dispensary Security Systems

We offer a wide range of security camera solutions, and our security professionals will ensure that every inch of your facility is viewable by your CCTV. However, with proactive video monitoring (PVM), we can take things one step further and stop trespassers before any crimes occur. PVM uses AI technology to monitor your property 24/7 and when any trespassers are identified, a live human interventionist will issue audio/verbal warnings through your surveillance cameras from a remote monitoring facility. In over 98% of cases, proactive video monitoring effectively deters criminals and stops crimes from proceeding.

We’ll ensure that every possible access point in your dispensary or cultivation facility is controlled, monitored, and secure. We will implement a state-of-the-art electronic access control solution in your facility that will wirelessly lock all critical interior access points including doors, lockers, material cabinets, and other areas. These unique systems will not only enhance security and ensure compliance with state regulations, but they will also allow you to track occupants in real-time, and you’ll always have a paper trail if any misconduct occurs.

At Intron Systems, we can ensure that your cannabis facility is well-protected by outfitting it with smart intrusion detection systems. Depending on your specific needs, we can install cutting-edge motion detectors, door contact sensors, glass break sensors, gunshot detection systems, water/moisture sensors, vape detectors, and more to improve your security. And to increase staff safety, we can even install hidden, wireless panic buttons that will alert the police with a simple touch in high-stress situations.

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It’s estimated that there are 2.5 million burglaries in the U.S. each year, and over one-third of those crimes affect businesses. At Intron, we will help DETER your company’s risk of break-ins, thefts, and other crimes with a multitude of commercial security systems. After assessing your property’s security gaps and understanding your concerns, we’ll develop a tailored and detailed plan to enhance your security features. If you’re looking for trustworthy and reliable commercial security services, we'll provide every solution that you could ever need at Intron Systems.