Protect Your Jobsite Before Incidents Occur

Approximately 11,000 burglaries are committed on construction sites annually in the United States. Whether you’re working on roadway improvements, new buildings, or commercial property renovations, jobsite security is a massive issue. If you’re worried about your construction site security, you’ve come to the right place. At Intron Systems, we can give your team a leg up on the competition with innovative jobsite security cameras, access control systems, intrusion detection solutions, and more.

Stolen equipment can cause significant delays in construction schedules and add enormous costs to the project to replace missing parts. We’ll eliminate those risks in your construction projects by outfitting your organization with custom security solutions, including fixed construction security cameras, solar poles, mobile trailers, and more. Your security and safety are our priorities. At Intron, you can rest assured that we will always go the extra mile to keep your jobsites secure, no matter what.



Construction Jobsite Security Cameras & Trailers

Through our vendors like Mobile Pro Systems and PowerStack, we are proud to offer many types of creative mobile surveillance systems for real-time monitoring in nearly any environment. These semi-permanent mobile trailers can be custom outfitted with Wi-Fi, lights, solar panels, and even proactive video monitoring systems.

Proactive video monitoring systems are AI-powered, active 24/7, and linked to an off-site monitoring system. When trespassers arrive after hours, the AI system will detect those individuals and a human interventionist will give a stern verbal warning through speakers.

And that’s not all. These solar-powered trailers offer tons of unique customizations and features to enhance construction site security. Whether you need a powered or power-free system, we can customize your trailers to:

  • Monitor your entire jobsite and deter criminals
  • Illuminate critical areas with LED lights
  • Deploy communications to keep your entire team connected
  • Charge devices, tools, and systems with solar power

In Line with All of Your Construction Needs

At Intron Systems, we have decades of experience working with large general contractors across the entire country. Thanks to that expertise, Intron can act as your main security system integrator or as a sub-contractor for any security-related trade. From intrusion detection and structured cabling to access control systems, CCTV, fire alarms and more, Intron will do our part to help keep your jobsite safe and secure.


Inspire Your Prospects with Enhanced Construction Security

Competition is tough these days in the construction industry. How can your team win projects and stand out from the crowd of general contractors? These types of innovative and cutting-edge security systems can act as a competitive advantage for your organization. Your jobsites will be closely monitored 24/7 for a fraction of the cost of a traditional security guard, and because the systems are powered by AI, it will never be distracted. You’ll drastically reduce costs for your construction project and can offer construction site security that your competitors simply can’t match.

If you already have an existing CCTV system in place on your jobsites, Intron can seamlessly upgrade those construction security cameras to proactive video monitoring without missing a beat. These systems can be integrated with any existing cameras. No matter what kinds of systems you already use, our technicians at Intron can find the appropriate integrated solution for you.

Our technicians will take the time to learn everything about your current security solutions, gaps in those systems, and your most pressing security needs. We will then make personalized recommendations on security products and build a tailored plan to implement those solutions on your jobsites.

If you are already working with other security providers, Intron is happy to step in as a subcontractor to handle any part of your security upgrades.

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It’s estimated that there are 2.5 million burglaries in the U.S. each year, and over one-third of those crimes affect businesses. At Intron, we will help DETER your company’s risk of break-ins, thefts, and other crimes with a multitude of commercial security systems. After assessing your property’s security gaps and understanding your concerns, we’ll develop a tailored and detailed plan to enhance your security features. If you’re looking for trustworthy and reliable commercial security services, we'll provide every solution that you could ever need at Intron Systems.