How Remote Video Monitoring Can Enhance Your Business Security 

Are you looking for ways to improve security for your business operations? Video surveillance has always been an important aspect of ensuring the safety and security of a company’s property. But, traditional video surveillance systems are limited by their inability to provide real-time monitoring. In addition, CCTV systems require on-site security personnel to review video files and keep tabs on entry points. However, with advancements in technology, businesses can now leverage proactive remote video monitoring technology to effectively protect their valuable assets. 

These innovative systems are changing the security game across the country and are becoming a must-have for businesses every. Let’s explore the reasons why your business should invest in them.  

Remote Proactive Video Monitoring at a Glance 

Proactive video monitoring (PVM) systems are advanced technological solutions that allow businesses to remotely monitor and manage the security of their facilities and/or operations. These systems utilize high-definition cameras and sophisticated software to provide real-time video monitoring and analysis to stop criminals in their tracks. 

Unlike traditional security systems that only record footage for later review, PVM systems actively track and analyze video feeds and alert human interventionists at remote facilities to potential threats and suspicious activities. This proactive approach enables the monitoring center to take immediate action, such as relaying audio-visual warnings to trespassers or dispatching security personnel, to prevent incidents before they escalate. 

Key Features and Capabilities 

These proactive and remote video monitoring systems offer cutting-edge solutions to commercial security issues, with an array of innovative and beneficial features and capabilities such as: 

  • Detecting and analyzing various events and activities via AI technology 24/7. These video cameras can identify suspicious behaviors, unauthorized access to your commercial property, or other security threats entirely on their own. 
  • Leverage a remote monitoring center to deliver specific and targeted verbal warnings to trespassers once alerted by the AI system. 
  • Integration with other security technologies such as access control systems or motion sensors for enhanced facility-wide security. 
  • Provide highly detailed reports and insights based on the video data collected. 

Overall, these remote video monitoring systems offer a proactive approach to video surveillance, ensuring prompt responses to potential security incidents and contributing to a safer and more secure environment. 

Stop Crimes Before They Can Happen 

While the capabilities of AI and machine learning are still being explored and are ever-expanding, there is a clear and advantageous application of this technology that is now revolutionizing crime prevention. By integrating remote video monitoring with AI technology, PVM systems can instantly recognize patterns of criminal activity, such as trespassing, theft, or vandalism, even in complex environments. 

The PVM system utilizes machine learning to effectively filter out false alarms and accurately identify urgent incidents. Within seconds, these systems will intervene by issuing stern and personalized verbal warnings to potential criminals. For instance, the interventionist may yell out, “You in the blue hoodie and black pants; stop what you’re doing and leave the premises immediately. The police will be contacted immediately if you don’t leave now.” 

PVM systems are so effective at deterring crime that they have achieved an average prevention rate of 98% for commercial properties in most cases. Compare that to traditional video surveillance cameras, which are reactive and just document crimes rather than actively prevent them. 

Save Money Without Sacrificing Security 

Investing in a remote video monitoring system is one of the most cost-effective choices for business owners everywhere for multiple reasons. First and foremost, off-site monitoring allows business owners to reduce labor costs significantly. Instead of hiring and maintaining a team of on-site security guards, businesses can have their premises monitored 24/7 at a fraction of the cost. 

With PVM systems, businesses can also prevent costly security incidents. The loss of important equipment or materials can be incredibly detrimental to businesses that rely on them to complete projects. This not only includes the cost replace those items, but also the costs of production delays in work that can quickly add up. With a PVM system, you will significantly reduce the likelihood of theft, vandalism, or other security breaches. As a result, business owners can have peace of mind knowing that their valuable resources won't go missing any time soon.  

Equip Your Business with Surveillance That Works 

Remote proactive video surveillance offers businesses a powerful tool to enhance their security systems and safeguard their premises and possessions. With the ability to monitor multiple locations from a centralized platform, businesses can enjoy round-the-clock surveillance and quick response times to any potential threats. 

At Intron Systems, we understand the importance of reliable and efficient surveillance solutions, and we have extensive expertise in the field that makes us the ideal partner for businesses looking to implement proactive video monitoring. We’ll conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your current security solutions and develop an array of customized recommendations to support your overall security, including PVM systems. 

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