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Access Control

Our highly trained technicians can secure all entrances, doors, and sensitive access points in your facility with the latest and greatest in access control technology. With a convenient and comprehensive electronic locking system from Intron, you can greatly enhance safety, accountability, and facility management. We partner with multiple industry-leading manufacturers allowing us to deploy the best technology to fit your business no matter the challenge: wireless, wired, cloud based or on-prem – we have a solution for every challenge.

Hard key systems leave your organization open to significant risk. With an access control solution, you’ll know exactly when each lock is accessed and by whom – delivering peace of mind and operational efficiency.


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Video Surveillance

Commercial surveillance cameras are constantly evolving, and we’ll make sure your facility doesn’t fall behind the curve. From on-site network video recorders (NVR) to cloud-based video surveillance systems, we can optimize your building’s security with intelligent video management systems. Many of our surveillance solutions are outfitted with advanced AI-powered analytics and we can seamlessly integrate your upgraded cameras into any existing commercial security solutions.

Learn more about our approach to video surveillance technology and the many vendors that we partner with for our custom solutions.


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Proactive Video Monitoring

Get all the benefits of an in-person security guard for a fraction of the cost with proactive video monitoring (PVM)! Artificial intelligence paired with a live, remote guard keep a watchful eye on your facility 24/7 and will immediately intervene within seconds of a trespasser entering a restricted area. PVM is the golden standard of commercial security solutions because they effectively deter 98% of crimes before they occur.

PVM creates you will benefit from massive savings on security costs and will reduce wasted budget due to stolen goods or equipment. If you’re ready to reduce your security risks with cutting-edge technology, proactive video monitoring is exactly what you need.


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Fire Alarms & Wellness Sensors

We never take shortcuts when it comes to life safety. Experienced, thorough and NICET certified, our team can partner with you to upgrade or expand your current alarm system. We’ll conduct a comprehensive assessment of your facility’s fire alarm systems and develop tailored product recommendations from the most reliable manufacturers.

With Intron on your side, you can rest easy knowing that your employees and your facility are safe and prepared in the event of a fire. In addition to these business security solutions, we can also look out for your employee’s health and wellness with advanced vape and methamphetamine detection technology.


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Intrusion Detection

Thousands of American businesses suffer from thefts and burglaries every year. At Intron Systems, we can enhance security across your entire operations with high-tech intrusion detection systems and alarms. We offer a wide array of commercial security solutions including motion detectors, door contact sensors, glass break sensors, and more to monitor your facility day and night. These systems offer hybrid connectivity, seamless integrations with existing security systems, audio-visual controls, and more

Don’t let a burglary halt your business operations and hurt your bottom line. At Intron Systems, we will fully customize your intrusion detection system to your facility and your specific business needs.


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Visitor Management

Is your current visitor check-in process outdated, confusing or overly complex? At Intron Systems, we can streamline your visitor management system with industry-leading intercom systems with options that integrate live video, biometric access control features, outdoor displays, and much more. Verify visitors and grant access with the push of a button.

Learn more about these customizable commercial security solutions and what we can offer you at Intron Systems.


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