Intrusion Detection: Security Systems for Your Business in Colorado

Did you know that Colorado ranks 2nd in the nation for property crimes? It’s an unfortunate truth about our otherwise incredible home state and crime in Colorado has topped pre-pandemic levels. If those facts surprise you, don’t worry; you can protect your property and your company with the right commercial alarm systems in Colorado. At Intron Systems, we offer an array of security systems for businesses that are state-of-the-art and can easily integrate into all kinds of facilities and existing systems.

No matter where the points of entry are, we can ensure that your property will be well-protected and will alert you and the police as soon as a sensor is triggered. We can outfit your facility with all types of smart commercial alarm systems like:

  • Meth and vape detectors
  • Motion detectors
  • Door contact sensors
  • Glass break sensors
  • Gunshot detection systems
  • Integrated access control features
  • Water/moisture sensors

For high-stress situations, we’ll enhance your security with hidden, wireless panic buttons that can be installed virtually anywhere. With a simple touch, you’ll send an alert directly to the police and they’ll arrive at your facility to de-escalate the situation within minutes.



Integrate Security with Comfort & Convenience

Our motion detectors and door contact sensors will give you peace of mind, but we can take your commercial alarm systems one step further with audio-visual controls and temperature sensors. For instance, if you have a specific morning routine when you reach the office, we can streamline it with our fully integrated security system. We can program your security integrations to turn on the lights, raise/lower the blinds, play calming tunes, and adjust the temperature settings in your office once you swipe your badge at the front door. Talk about an idyllic start to your day!

Intelligent Alarm Systems: Our Partners

At Intron Systems, we prioritize customization on every project because each facility and each business is different from the next. We partner with many commercial alarm system providers to ensure each system perfectly addresses the client’s needs. Here’s a brief overview of one of those providers:

Qolsys aims to improve quality of life through innovation and technology, and they offer a diverse line-up of advanced intrusion detection panels. These panels serve up hybrid connectivity, seamless integration with, capacity of up to 1,000 users, and can be hardwired or wirelessly connected. And they can do a million more things.

If you’re ready to take the security system for your business in Colorado to the next level, our team at Intron is prepared to handle every part of your upgrade.

Improve Your Commercial Burglar Detection Today

We can offer additional property protection by intervening and preventing crimes while they are occurring through proactive video monitoring. This unique system uses AI technology to identify trespassers at all hours of the day and live human interventionists to share audio-visual warnings with would-be criminals before the crimes can be carried out.

In addition, we offer an array of indoor air quality systems and sensors through our partner, HALO. These innovative sensors help detect smoke and vapors from illicit or dangerous materials.

How much time do you have? Because our commercial capabilities come with a sweeping range of benefits. Qolsys panels have communicators built-in for dual-path LTE and Wi-Fi/Ethernet. They offer touchless disarming, long-range encryption, smart lockdown sensors, addressable loops, module support, and so much more. Contact us today to learn more about these panels and their unique features.

Absolutely. If you have existing access control solutions or visitor management systems, we can seamlessly upgrade your intrusion detection systems and ensure they are properly integrated with your existing software.

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At Intron Systems, we can outfit your facility with state-of-the-art commercial security systems. Whether you operate in multiple retail locations, multifamily complex, class A commercial, or a general contractor with jobsites across the country, we can ensure that your facilities are fully equipped with the most reliable and cutting-edge security solutions. These are just a few of the facilities that we support, but our security professionals can provide detailed estimates and recommendations for nearly every commercial setting.