Intervene BEFORE Crimes Happen with Proactive Video Monitoring

All the benefits of in-person security (and more) for a fraction of the cost.

The Perfect Security Solution for Any Business: Proactive Video Monitoring

Cameras alone do not stop crime. They merely record it happening. The only way to stop crimes is to actually intervene. Enter proactive video monitoring.

PVM gives you the ability to engage a criminal in REAL TIME within seconds of them invading your space – stopping the incident in its tracks at a rate of 98%.

This unique crime prevention solution utilizes the power of both artificial intelligence and live human interventionists at monitoring centers to deter trespassers and thieves from your property. Through our remote video monitoring solutions, you’ll gain total peace of mind about the security of your organization and a wealth of additional benefits too.



Immediate Action: How Does Proactive Video Monitoring Work?

Proactive video monitoring (PVM) systems are the golden standard of the security industry. This system will:


Monitor your property 24/7 and use AI technology to detect threats in real-time. Through machine learning, the PVM system knows how to filter false alarms and identify urgent incidents.


Intervene quickly by issuing stern verbal warnings to trespassers within seconds. These warnings are issued remotely from an active monitoring center and are customized to the trespassers. (e.g., “You with the blue shirt, you are being monitored! Leave immediately.”)


Continue to issue personalized warnings until the trespassers leave the premises, the police are contacted, or the situation is fully resolved.


Deliver an incident report to your team, including key forensic information and event details for insurance purposes.

At Intron Systems, we proudly partner with multiple manufacturers like Netwatch for their proactive video monitoring systems so that we can offer cutting-edge products for business owners like you.


Intelligent Solutions: Why You Need Proactive Video Monitoring Systems?

  • Deter Crimes Before They Occur – In most cases, PVMs can achieve a 98% prevention rate for commercial properties. Compare that to traditional video surveillance cameras, which are reactive and only document crimes instead of actively preventing them.
  • Reduce Wasted Budget due to Lost Time and Replacements – If one piece of equipment is stolen, your entire project can be brought to a standstill, which wastes time and money. With a PVM system, you’ll eliminate that waste and keep things running at peak efficiency.
  • Save Big on Security – Unlike traditional security guards, a proactive system is never distracted by a smartphone, never falls asleep, and can monitor your entire property 24/7/365. Plus, a PVM system can eliminate your need for security guards and help you save up to 80% on security expenses.
  • More Than a Bell and Whistle – Lots of video monitoring systems may attempt to deter crimes via flashing lights or prerecorded messages, but these systems often fail to deliver actual results. At Intron Systems, you will always have a live interventionist to make personalized warnings through the system.
  • Flexible for Any Location – Remote video monitoring can be installed with new cameras or integrated into existing CCTV systems. They can even monitor construction sites via installation on solar-powered trailers!
  • Does Not Require Wi-Fi or Power for Remote Applications – These systems are designed for emergency disaster recovery and backup, to ensure that there is no loss of service for our clients.

Trust Intron Systems: Your Provider for Proactive Video Monitoring

In Colorado and across the United States, our security specialists have helped hundreds of businesses elevate their security capabilities with PVM systems. We’ve customized each system to each location and have seamlessly integrated the video monitoring software into each organization’s existing IT infrastructure. If you’re looking for opportunities to cut costs and improve your security simultaneously, PVM could be the ideal solution for you.

Want to reduce your security risks? Contact our team of skilled security integrators at Intron Systems today to get started.

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