Innovative Commercial Surveillance Systems in Colorado and Beyond

“Smile, you’re on camera!” From advanced analytics to thermal sensors and cloud-based systems – commercial surveillance systems are constantly evolving faster and smarter than ever. At Intron Systems, we can help ensure that your commercial camera system is up to industry standards and addresses all your security needs, deploying the latest technology as fast as possible.

Our team will leverage decades of experience and product knowledge to understand your needs and create a custom design for the security camera system at your business. We can seamlessly integrate your cameras into existing solutions, and we have already successfully upgraded tons of businesses of all sizes from on-site NVRS to cloud-based video surveillance systems.

The last thing you need when a crime occurs is to realize the video recording is missing. We’ll make sure that doesn’t happen to you! Contact our team at Intron today to learn more about upgrading the security camera systems at your business.



Our Trusted Video Surveillance Partners

At Intron Systems, we proudly partner with multiple vendors for commercial surveillance systems so that we can implement a wide array of custom solutions for our clients. Here are just a few of the partners we trust most:

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Intelligent Video Management Systems

Advanced video management systems (VMS) leverage the cloud to store data and recordings, allow users to view livestream footage, and more. These video management systems use AI-powered analytics to create heatmaps of customer foot traffic, comb through archival footage for key bits of information (e.g., license plates, facial recognition, etc.), and can be seamlessly integrated with your existing intrusion detection systems, fire alarms, access control solutions, and more.

Improve Your Commercial Camera System with Proactive Video Monitoring

Video surveillance systems will help you keep tabs on your property and will record crimes when they happen, but why stop there? Theft and vandalism crimes can leave a drastic negative impact on your bottom line, even if you find the ones responsible.

With proactive video monitoring, your commercial surveillance system will intervene in REAL TIME in crimes as they’re occurring. The system will recognize that a crime is taking place and a live human interventionist will verbalize personalized warnings through the system to deter trespassers. If they continue, they will then notify a private security team, the police, or another jurisdiction to intervene.

If you’re looking for a security camera system for your business that goes beyond traditional video surveillance systems, Intron can get your property fully protected with proactive video monitoring.

Imagine The Possibilities: Commercial Camera System FAQs

Compared to on-premises network video recorders (NVR), the cloud is the superior solution in every possible case. On the cloud, there is no risk of your recordings being lost or physically stolen. Plus, the advanced AI-powered analytics of the cloud allow for comprehensive customization and data manipulation. For instance, you could tag a person’s headshot in your database and instruct your video management system to text you every time that individual enters the building, which helps prevent and deter crime. The move to the cloud will improve safety at your facility, cut costs on hard drive failures/thefts, and more.

At Intron, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality customer service, which is why you will see the same technicians for equipment installation and maintenance. And thanks to our many vendors, we can install all kinds of surveillance cameras on your property, such as:

  • Compact dome cameras
  • Infrared and thermal bullet cameras
  • Indoor and outdoor cameras
  • Specialized models, PTZ cameras, wireless cameras, and more

In most cases, we can convert an existing analog security camera system for any business from an on-site DVR/NVR to a cloud-based format without having to replace any cameras. Because we are hyper-focused on customization, we can identify every possible opportunity to save costs without compromising your facility’s security.

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At Intron Systems, we can outfit your facility with state-of-the-art commercial security systems. Whether you operate in multiple retail locations, multifamily complex, class A commercial, or a general contractor with jobsites across the country, we can ensure that your facilities are fully equipped with the most reliable and cutting-edge security solutions. These are just a few of the facilities that we support, but our security professionals can provide detailed estimates and recommendations for nearly every commercial setting.